Forever Defined

from by Ghosts



Why do we have to live like this every day?
It makes no sense how this injustice can stay
Could make a break just run for miles and miles
But we'd be rounded up and left for the flies

There's no way out
There's no way out from here
There's no way out
Cause we can't help but to destroy ourselves
There's no way out, from here

But we don't have to live like this everyday
Gather support so we can live life our own way
Protest injustice, our movement will rise
We're taking over just one step at a time

Maybe we'll manage keep the peace for a while
But unrest grows amongst those who we've exiled
For unto them our suffering we have piled
Beneath the ashes lies potential for fire

And just one spark could blow it up in our face
A revolution starts as history repeats
As humans we will be forever defined
Cause we can't help but to destroy ourselves in time


from Save Yourself, released September 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Ghosts Sydney, Australia

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